Sunday, 21 June 2009

Drawer action

I was out a couple of months ago with some chums for some after work beers and a curry.

One of them, we shall call him 'MM', says he remembers seeing something on an Antiques Roadshow type TV programme many years ago about how to spot furniture with well made and fitted drawers.

The expert said that a well made drawer can be pushed shut by the pressure of one finger at the side of the drawer. If the drawer is well made, then it will glide in. If not, then the drawer will stick and bind (it will 'rack').

I said I would post a video of the drawers in the Ash hall table I was making, to show how they open and close....have a look.


If you want to see more pictures of this table, then have a look at the gallery shots of it on my website

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