Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A smaller collection?

You don't need a large collection of jewellery to have a handmade object to keep it in.

I have just completed some small boxes that are ideal for rings, cuff links or earrings.

The boxes are made from maple with an American walnut lid. Inside, the box is lined with green leather, and the fifteen small compartments are ideal for storing small items.

The lid of the box has a cool opening mechanism. Just push down on one end and it pops-up, and can then be lifted off.

Here are some pictures.

The boxes are made of maple and American walnut

Push down on one end of the box, and the lip will pop-up

The compartments are just right for storing smaller items

What with Fathers day coming up, this box would  make a good present for the man who has loads of cuff links (or anything else in fact).

These boxes can be purchased on-line from my pages on Seek & Adore.

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