Monday, 26 January 2015

New website dedicated to my handmade jewellery boxes

Here is something to do when you are sitting at your computer wondering where to go next on the amazing World Wide Web.....visit my new website!

Yes, I have created a dedicated handmade jewellery box website. I still have my furniture site, but from now on all box related information and pictures will be on the new site.

So go have a look. Thanks.

For more information please visit either my bespoke fine furniture website, or my handmade jewellery boxes website.

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I forgot the pictures

In the dark and distant past, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth........

.....okay, not that long ago but in the summer last year, I did a blog post on the making of a chest of drawers. Remember?  Probably not.

Well, I forgot to post the pictures of the completed piece. So here they are.

Chest of drawers made from oak and fumed oak
Notice how the drawer fronts curve alternate left and right.

The drawers are made using dovetail joiner.
The drawers are made from maple, and use dovetails in
their construction.

Chest of drawers showing the curved drawer fronts.
The drawer fronts have fumed oak on their edges - it helps to
show the curve on the drawer fronts and adds a visual detail
to the finished piece.

Next time I promise I will post the pictures sooner.

To see more of my furniture, have a look at my website and the pictures in the gallery section.

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