Wednesday, 17 August 2011

This is London calling...

....London calling all you people in 'social media' land.


Is is really that long since I posted my last blog update? It must be, as computers don't lie.

In the last blog I posted I was making my drinks cabinet. I am glad to say that I finished that ages ago. I am not one of these people who spends eight months making a table and has nothing to show at the end of that time!

If you haven't seen the pictures of my finished cabinet, well here it is.

After finishing the drinks cabinet, I made a cabinet for a couple I met at a show I was exhibiting at just before last Christmas. They wanted a cabinet to hold A4 folders, but didn't just wanted a set of shelves. They liked an existing cabinet of mine, and wanted one built but bigger.  Well that is just what I did. I do have some pictures of it, but for some reason they are not here on my workshop laptop. But you get the idea.

I have also made a few smaller items that I will sell off my stand at some show I have over the next few months. I have made five jewelley boxes and nineteen picture frames. It is good to have small pieces people can take away with them.

And at the moment I am making a couple more extending coffee tables similar to one I have made before. This time I am making one from American walnut and the other from English ash.

Anyway, if you are a social media type of person, then you might get excited by this.  I now have two dedicated accounts for my furniture.

I have a Twitter account that you can 'follow' me on (@JPFineFurniture) and a FaceBook account (JonathanPearceFineFurniture) you can 'friend' me.

Right, my glue has dried so back to real work.