Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A late Happy New Year

Yes, it is a bit late to wish you all Happy New Year. But hey, I am sure you got more than enough at the correct time, a one now will keep that happiness rolling on.

Last week was the Society of Designer Craftmen's show at the Mall Galleries in London.  I had four pieces of work on show:
On Wednesday and Thursday last week I was a steward at the show, which basically involved making sure items never got damaged and answering any questions asked - and that might not only be about my pieces!

Doing a show is hard work, the hardest being break-down as everybody is there packing up and trying to get out as quick as possible!  It didn't take too long, and it didn't rain too much as my furniture was loaded into the van, but it was all wrappped up to protect it from the elements and knocks.

So I am back in the workshop now, and am working away on the Drinks cabinet I talked about in an earlier post. Currently I am making the sides of the cabinet.  They are curved and are made from laminating 1.4mm thick veneer into the curved shape............