Friday, 29 January 2010

Twenty years ago

Yes, it was twenty years ago that I joined NatWest IT. It was the first day of a nine week training course in Jackson Structured Programming and PL/1.

Seems like only yesterday........

......and here I am now those years later not doing IT as a profession any more.

Anyway, the SDC ended the other week. Three shows in three months. Not bad. All different, and all different experiences. The one I enjoyed the most was the East London Design Show. Maybe because it was the second show I had done and knew a bit more of what to expect, and also I had my stand better organised too. I am sure the more shows you do, the better the experience.

I made a bathroom cabinet for our own bathroom, as the one we had was too small and falling to bits (not made by me I must add). The new one is great. Big enough to take every bottle of smelly bathroom stuff, and with two really big mirror doors. So last weekend, I took down the old cabinet, painted the walls and ceiling, then hung the new cabinet. It looks so much better now. Should have been done years ago!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Finished - Bedside cabinets

First of all, let me wish you all a Happy New Year!

Just before Christmas, I finished a pair of bedside cabinets made from sycamore and oak. Go have a look at the pictures of them on my website.

I wanted to get the cabinets made for a show that starts this coming weekend (9th - 17th Jan 2010), being held at the Mall Galleries in London. It is a show run by the Society of Designer Craftsmen, which I am a member of. They are an organisation of craftspeople from various disciplines, so at the show there will be much more than just furniture!

Pop into the show if you are in the you wants some bedroom cabinets by any chance (or any other bedroom furniture)?